Indicator Indicator

Pop doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

At a time that genres and sub-genres are exponentially increasing in number and decreasing in relevance, suffice it to say that Indicator Indicator is a pop band – innovative, inventive, and most of all inviting left-of-centre pop that’s rich with substance but still heavy on the hooks.

Edie\Abel is Indicator Indicator’s swan song and presents an impressive sonic evolution for the band – many of the same components but carefully curated for a more focused final product. Produced by lead singer and songwriter, Sandy Taronno, the release sets the stage for the band’s final curtain with the recent announcement of their breakup after Taronno fathered triplets unexpectedly. Taronno and his wife, Gillian welcomed identical triplet girls to their family on October 19, 2015. The Taronno family was taken by surprise, as the odds of having identical triplets are approximately one in one million births.

There are few parameters in music these days, and Indicator Indicator’s unique brand of pop folded into lo-fi folk and streaks of synth is proof of that. They can erase any preconceptions associated with pop music, so ditch the stigma and join the party.


Love is Not Enough


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